DVC 2016 | Lost Boyz “The Evolution of Soul”

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The Dance Video Collection is a series of dance concept videos produced, directed, choreographed, and edited by Marc Generoso. Adapted from Marc’s competitive studio dance pieces from Vibrant Dance Studios (Nanaimo, BC) and Urban Dance Connection (Campbell River, BC) into cinematic short films, the collection consists of 10 independent dance films that merge dance, film, and narrative.

This project began in 2010 with 10 exclusive dance numbers from Vibrant Dance Studios and was later released in 2012. The project was reprised in 2013 with a new set of dance pieces that were released in 2014. This is the third and final installment of this unique experience.
In his graduating year in film school as well as his 13th and final year as a dedicated dance teacher and choreographer, Marc has amalgamated the art forms of film and dance to create long lasting memories of his experiences with these two supportive dance communities.

DVC 2016:
1) Fembots in “Ronin” (January 2016)
2) The Gooniez in “French Revolution Zombies” (January 2016)
3) Emma King in “Haunted” (February 2016)
4) Futuristic Tribe in “Monsters” (February 2016)
5) Pandora’s Box in “Toy Magic” (March 2016)
6) Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.” (March 2016)
7) FnA in “Elderly Escape” (April 2016)
8) Anwar Ali in “Ali” (April 2016)
9) Lost Boyz in “The Evolution of Soul” (May 2016)
10) A/V Club in “The Making of Chi” (May 2016)
DVC 2016 | Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.” (6 of 10)


From doo wop, to funk, to r & b, the Lost Boyz present the evolution of soul in a grown-man-sexy-kind-of-way. 

Levi Alexandre, Anwar Ali, Jake Buettel, Noah Delmundo, Ryan Elhorn & Luke McNicoll

The entire Lost Boyz shoot was shot in a period of one day. The opening scene and end credits were filmed in the first half of the day in Duncan, BC, then the boys and film crew drove an hour back to Nanaimo, BC to shoot all of the dance scenes. The shoot wrapped 5am the next morning.

The boys disbanded shortly after this film shoot. This marks the end of their trilogy (“Beverly Hills Cop” (2013), “Best of You” (2014), and “Evolution of Soul” (2015).

In the opening scene, Justin asks how the group was formed and the answer that the boys give is actually true: Ryan, Luke, Anwar, and Jake met in Marc’s first year of teaching at Vibe (2008), as part of a junior recreational dance class called B.O.C. (Boys Only Crew). Levi and Noah joined a year later. The boys transitioned to the Lost Boyz the year B.O.C. was renamed to Gooniez.

Lost Boyz are the successors of one of Marc’s former all male dance group, “Foot Clan”. Justin was an original member of that group.

The Lost Boyz parents (aka Lost Moms) showed immense support for the piece since day one. They had ordered custom jackets internationally, team shoes, and had spray painted the microphone stands by the time the dance season started in September.


Anwar Ali in “Ali”:
FnA in “The Elderly Escape”:
Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.”:
Pandora’s Box in “Toy Magic”:
Futuristic Tribe in “Monsters”:
Emma King in “Haunted”:
The Gooniez in “French Revolution Zombies”:
Fembots in “Ronin”: