DVC 2018 | Anwar Ali in “Black King”

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The Dance Video Collection is a series of dance concept videos produced, directed, choreographed, and edited by Marc Generoso.  Adapted from Marc’s competitive studio dance pieces from Vibrant Dance Studios (Nanaimo, BC) into cinematic short films, this 2018 collection comprises of 3 independent dance films that merge dance, film, and narrative.

Since 2012, the DVC Project has released 33 short dance films that promote dance studio and community culture.  From acting rehearsals, to costume and prop design, to set decoration – these films was a pure collaboration of hungry, driven students, positive and supportive families, and one creative mind to glue it all together.

The complete DVC 2016 collection is still available online if you follow this link:


SYNOPSIS | Based on true events, Anwar relives a tumultuous time in his childhood and adapts it into this short film.  When he was around 11 years old, bullying and racism has so prevalent in his life, he attempted suicide by trying to hang himself with his older brother’s chin up bar.  Thankfully, he did not know how to tie a proper knot, and bought just enough time for him to discover and fall in love with dance.  With the help of Anwar’s mother, Bette, Black King recounts some of the moments that led to this point, and also revisits his solos and group dances with Marc.

Black King stands out from the rest of the DVC projects as it is the only film that has commissioned an original song.  Co-written by Rupert Common and Marc Generoso, performed by Daniel Daniels III aka “Deezy” and produced by Lost Boyz alumni, Jake Buettel.

STARRING | Anwar Ali
FEATURING | BOC, The Gooniez and Lost Boyz

- Anwar’s original DVC concept was based on the dance solo, “The Legend of the Last Lost Boy” – a western that references his former dance crew, The Lost Boyz.  The initial search of finding locations proved unsuccessful as all western-themed taverns and pubs in the Nanaimo area were too “modernized”.  Marc had then pitched a second idea involving elements of Anwar’s life story and freestyling, of which Bette and Anwar excitedly pursued.

- This is the first DVC project that involves original music and lyrics.  Marc enlisted the lyrical talents of Rupert Common, a Vancouver-based emcee and spoken word artist to co-write the lyrics to Black King.  Marc had compiled every single Marc-choreographed DVC, live performances and music mix involving Anwar for Rupert to use as research material.  Marc and Rupert spent four months writing the lyrics, using Anwar’s Egyptian heritage as a theme.

- The majority of the dancing in this film is Anwar’s own freestyling.  The idea was to utilize and highlight Anwar’s strong suit, which is freestyle.
- The shot where Anwar is freestyling in front of Vibe dancers and then the audience was from the actual 2017 Vibe Year End Recital.  It was taken in only one shot at the beginning of the show.
- The school hallway scene took place at Anwar’s high school, NDSS (Nanaimo District Secondary School).
- The principal was portrayed by Kelly Barnum, one of Anwar’s teachers at NDSS and supporter of the project.
- All 3 DVC stars play cameos in each other’s DVC projects.  In Black King, Mikayla and Brookelyn play the two students that the principal talks to before being interrupted by Anwar.
- The basketball court scene took place at Park Ave Elementary, the very place where Anwar was bullied.  The four boys in the background are actual members from Anwar’s first dance group, BOC – Corbin Nold, Jason Bowman, Aaron McElhaney and DG Hattingh.
- Anwar’s first DVC project was the Magic Glove, a concept based on Michael Jackson.  The last scene to be shot for Black King is his Michael Jackson section, creating a full circle within the DVC.
- Anwar revisits his past groups and solos choreographed by Marc, starting with BOC at the basketball courts, the Gooniez in their French Revolution Zombies theme, his solos, Ali, Steve Urkel, MC Hammer and the Magic Glove and the Lost Boyz on the rooftop.
- Marc has a cameo in the film, as the dance teacher that takes the noose off of Anwar.  The last and only appearance he has made was the very first DVC film released, Floor Essence, another full circle of firsts and lasts.
- Anwar makes a record high 12 DVC films of the possible 33 DVC films made (2014’s Magic Glove, Gooniez, a cameo in Rags to Riches, Production’s Circus, 2016’s Gooniez French Revolution Zombies, Ali, Lost Boyz’ Evolution of Soul, The Making of Chi and 2018’s Black King, Roses and Baby Harley).