DVC 2016 | Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.”

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The Dance Video Collection is a series of dance concept videos produced, directed, choreographed, and edited by Marc Generoso. Adapted from Marc’s competitive studio dance pieces from Vibrant Dance Studios (Nanaimo, BC) and Urban Dance Connection (Campbell River, BC) into cinematic short films, the collection consists of 10 independent dance films that merge dance, film, and narrative.
This project began in 2010 with 10 exclusive dance numbers from Vibrant Dance Studios and was later released in 2012. The project was reprised in 2013 with a new set of dance pieces that were released in 2014. This is the third and final installment of this unique experience.
In his graduating year in film school as well as his 13th and final year as a dedicated dance teacher and choreographer, Marc has amalgamated the art forms of film and dance to create long lasting memories of his experiences with these two supportive dance communities.

DVC 2016:
1) Fembots in “Ronin” (January 2016)
2) The Gooniez in “French Revolution Zombies” (January 2016)
3) Emma King in “Haunted” (February 2016)
4) Futuristic Tribe in “Monsters” (February 2016)
5) Pandora’s Box in “Toy Magic” (March 2016)
6) Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.” (March 2016)
7) FnA in “Elderly Escape” (April 2016)
8) Anwar Ali in “Ali” (April 2016)
9) Lost Boyz in “The Evolution of Soul” (May 2016)
10) A/V Club in “The Making of Chi” (May 2016)

DVC 2016 | Jacksun Fryer in “Forrest Gump Jr.” (6 of 10)

Following the steps of his iconic father, Forrest Gump Jr. continues the Gump legacy through dance.

Jacksun Fryer

Lee Fraser, Mikayla Carson, Kalen Alexandre, Brookelyn Chalmers, Noelle Davies, Tamara Dunn, Danica Fayant, Lena Herringer, Jack Harrison, Esme Lillyman, Hannah Nelson, Hailey Nicholls, Linnea Nold, Jacob Rosenau, Bryn Skolsky, & Wyatt Snikkers

This marks Jacksun and Marc’s first and only solo project together. Marc had been working with Jacksun’s older sister, Cypress, for 3 consecutive years prior to this.

“Forrest Gump Jr.” was a concept Marc had conceived four years ago, designated to a former Lil’ Rascalz member. The concept was idle until the opportunity showed up with Jacksun. The idea of Jacksun in a suit playing a shy character was the initial motivation in pursuing the concept.

The teacher is portrayed by Lee Fraser – one of Marc’s good friends and a former teacher at Vibe.

“Forrest Gump” came out in 1994. Jacksun was born in 2003, nine years after the film’s release date. He initially hadn’t heard of the film before it was pitched to him, but upon researching his character, he watched the movie and loved it, even referencing quotes with his friends at school. His Bubba Gump hat was used so much outside of the dance, that he had actual lost it and had to be replaced for the shoot.

Pandora’s Box in “Toy Magic”:
Futuristic Tribe in “Monsters”:
Emma King in “Haunted”:
The Gooniez in “French Revolution Zombies”:
Fembots in “Ronin”: